Create neighbourhood structure for TICA

Time-structure Independent Components Analysis

Create neighbourhood structure for TICA, expressed in a single matrix


function H=neighbourhoodmatrix(xdim,ydim,size)

% n is dimension of data
% size is longest distance of neighbours (i.e. neighbourhood size) e.g. 1 or 2

% This will hold the neighborhood function entries
H = zeros(xdim*ydim,xdim*ydim);

% Step through nodes one at a time to build the matrix
for y=1:ydim

 for x=1:xdim

 % Rectangular neighbors
 [xn,yn] = meshgrid( (x-size):(x+size), (y-size):(y+size) );
 xn = reshape(xn,[1 (size*2+1)^2]);
 yn = reshape(yn,[1 (size*2+1)^2]);
 % Cycle round to create torus
 i = find(yn<1); yn(i)=yn(i)+ydim;
 i = find(yn>ydim); yn(i)=yn(i)-ydim;
 i = find(xn<1); xn(i)=xn(i)+xdim;
 i = find(xn>xdim); xn(i)=xn(i)-xdim;
 % Set neighborhood
 H( ind, (yn-1)*xdim + xn )=1;


%Normalize to that row norm = 1

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